Secretary's reports  2014,2013,2012 and 2011 from Hon. Secretary Karen Towner


2014 wasn't our best season results wise. We won 7 games, lost   11 and drew 3.However the results did not always reflect the  games and most were enjoyable. Fortunately only one game (Alfriston) was cancelled due to the weather. Our evening fixture against Sandhurst had to be cancelled due to a clash with cup matches.

Once again thank you to Rob Bransby and Corner Carpets for their sponsorship, Dr Lewis our president for a £200 donation to the club and also to Richard Cowlin.

Vice presidents are now receiving a letter in the Spring which reports on the previous season and includes a fixture list for the coming season.

We entered the Indoor Weekend league and had some success but did not enter the Knock- Out Cup. This year the weekend league does not start until the new  year and the knockout cup is on 11th and 18th January.

The Wanderers game was another very enjoyable day even though we failed to retain the cup and £200 was sent to Prostate UK.

I recently took a poppy wreath to the Bodiam Remembrance service on behalf of the club.

I have three confirmed fixtures for the coming season  so far ,Buxted Park, Winchelsea and The Weald ,all away and after discussion on fixtures later will arrange the rest asap.

I thoroughly enjoyed the annual meal at The Red Lion and thanks to everyone involved in making it a success.




A reasonably successful outdoor season with not too many cancellations. The new fixtures
were enjoyed by most players. The indoorwasn't as successful and interest in the indoor is waning.Thankyou to Rob Bransby and Corner Carpets for
the continued sponsorship and also 
Dr.Lewis and Richard Cowlin for generous donations. Thankyou as well to Roy Iverson for contributing to the trophies.

The VicePresidents letters are now sent out once a year rather than twice at the
beginning of the outdoor season with a fixture list.

The game against Wanderers was another lovely day thanks to hard work from Glen and a
lovely tea from Tracey. Hopefully we can win the cup back next year!

Indoors we went out early in the Stan Hoadley Knock out Cup and we need to consider
whether we have enough interest to enter this year.

Thanks to Richard
Mitchell who offered to lay the poppy
wreath on behalf of the club again this year.

We have two
fixtures so far-Newick and the Weald but most are made in January.

The meal at
the Red Lion Brede was very successful and most people were complimentary on
the food and location.

Thanks to
Paul Barnett for the averages.






received a donation  from our sponsor Corner Carpets Company  and a
donation from Dr Lewisand Richard Cowlin.Thankyou you all for your continued support.
At the annual meeting it was suggested  that we reduce the vice presidents'letters to once a year rather than twice
saving on postage. Perhaps in the spring would be best along with a
fixture list.

once again entered the Stan Hoadley Indoor Knock-out Tournament but
went out in the  earlier rounds to Bexhill. 

summer season  was very unsettled this year due to the weather and we
had the first 3 games cancelled(9 altogether).Overall we won 6,lost6
and drew 5.We lost out on the revenue from home games, only playing
three at Bodiam but the pitch played well on these occasions. We made
the decision not to enter the evening T20 Cup matches due to lack of
members' availability.

memorial match for John was once again a very successful event
despite the weather and special thanks go to Glen and Tracy for
making it so. The new cup has been donated to the club and is
currently  engraved and being held by Paul Johnson  on behalf of
Wanderers for this year. Many thanks from Matt and myself go to
Robin(he has a card ) and the club for organising the lovely seat in
John's memory.

Hastings Half  Marthathon entries raised over £500 for
Prostate research. Thankyou to everyone who took part

selection was reasonably easy again this year with  help from Paul
Barnett and and Iden cricket club members when numbers were short.
Thank you to all concerned.

have only entered the Weekend Indoor League this year again due to
player availabilty . The knock-out cup is on January 13
and 20
to enter by Dec 16
If enough players are interested.

a result of the discussion last year on different members laying the
poppy wreath  at Bodiam Richard Mitchell was our representative this

few fixtures have started coming in  eg .Newenden, Crowhurst,
Catsfield and The Weald.

and  Sam kindly took  on the job of organising the meal at Fairlight
Lodge. Thanks to them and to Kevin for MC and organisation of
trophies .Thanks also to Matt for the averages.

church held a f
display where they  asked clubs either for a display or donation for
someone to do a display. The theme was history of Bodiam  and I
donated on our behalf for someone to create a cricket  bouquet.
Apparently it was very good and much appreciated and we received a
thank you card.

quiz teams had varying success culminating in a good win at
Robertsbridge where the prizes supplemented our dinner raffle very
well. Thanks to Glen for organizing the teams.


K.Towner Secretary's Report 2011


Our sponsor continues to be Corner Carpets Company and hopefully as many club members as possible will use the discount and pass thename on to friends and family. Thank you very much to Rob Bransby.

We had a good start to the year being runners up to Bexhill in the Stan Hoadley Indoor Knockoout Tournament. 

The Summer season has also been very successful, winning thirteen games, losing one, drawing two and tying one. Unfortunately we missed out on a few of the outdoor games eg. Catsfield, Netherfield and Rotherfield due to the weather, Chiddingly didn't turn up and Ashburnham couldn't raise a team for the first game. Also there was one week when we were unable to obtain a fixture, so all in all we missed out on 6 games.

The pitch was in a very poor condition at the start of the season with huge cracks and therefore we booked Sandrock on the Ridge as a backup. We were fortunate in that they allowed us to book for all of our home games in case we needed it. We only actually played one Observer Cup game there and one Sunday afternoon game but it was reassuring to have. The facilities for serving teas however were far from ideal. After some heavy rain the Bodiam
pitch dramatically improved and the remaining home games were played.

The memorial match for John was a beautiful day and special thanks go to Glen ,Mick and Tracy for making it so. A new cup is being purchased for this game as the previous one broke and the new one will be engraved each year. £173 was raised in aid of Prostate Action.

The T2O (OBSERVER CUP )was not so successful with us only winning two games but Paul Nice
went in to the record books with his 185 not out v Westfield Football Club.

Team selection was reasonably easy with only the first few games struggling. Once universities finished we were ok and seldom had to drop any one.

We received £100 from Dr Lewis our President towards club funds.The indoor league has started with all the weekend fixtures being played before Xmas and the midweek league both before and after. The knockout cup is on January 8thand 15th.

We sent a poppy wreath to the Bodiam Memorial from the cricket club for Remembrance Sunday.

A few fixtures have started coming in and will hopefully be completed before Xmas.

Kevin has once again kindly taken on the job of organising the annual meal.


Thank you one again for your support.

Yours sincerely,


Karen Towner (Hon Sec.)